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Lisa did great work for me.

Really first rate. Listed and sold my condo within weeks.

Scott J.

Lisa Ashkins is the most proficient and knowledgeable real estate professional I have worked with.

She provided thoughtful guidance and genuine support throughout the process. Responsive, skilled and caring are three words that come to mind when I think about my experience with Lisa. Lisa is on top of all the details, always thinking three steps ahead and taking all the stress out of the equation. There are no words to adequately articulate how amazing I think Lisa is at her profession.

Geof B.

As we looked to buy our first house, Lisa was fantastic in helping us navigate through a tough market for buyers.

She was very responsive throughout, providing input and guidance as we relentlessly searched for our new home. Once we found it (thanks to her great negotiation skills!), she was fantastic in walking us through the purchasing process: from attending all inspections to even providing advice and information on renting our current place. Without Lisa we definitely would not have our beautiful new home. Thanks Lisa!!

Danny P.

It was such a pleasure working with Lisa, and the most important thing about Lisa is her integrity and that she has her clients' backs!

My husband and I had some unreasonable/difficult sellers to work with, and not only did she empathize with us, she made sure we were heard and our displeasure with the whole process made known...which provided results. Lisa is upbeat, makes herself available to you when you need her (evenings, weekends, etc), and gives great advice (offers, counter-offers, prioritizing fixes from the inspection, etc). She listens to what you want and what your concerns are. We always felt she had our interests in heart, never felt she was pushing us for her own agenda, and had great recommendations for any type of vendors you needed. She feels every joy and concern and disappointment WITH you. I would work with Lisa again in a heartbeat. After meeting Lisa, I'm sure you will look no further for your realtor needs.

Jennifer L.

We are so grateful we had Lisa as our Realtor to both sell our house and find our new dream home.

She did so much to help the process go as smoothly as possible, like finding the best people to do inspections, making sure all deadlines were met, and all the other stuff involved in the process that a person would not be able to navigate without help. Lisa was always there to answer questions and help us feel comfortable with the process. She is also incredibly trustworthy and ethical.

Katherine B.

My husband and I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa on the purchase of our first home and cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was working with her.

Going into the process as first-time homebuyers in a seller’s market, we felt pretty overwhelmed at the start of our search. After our initial call with Lisa however, we immediately felt a huge sense of relief and unequivocally knew we would be in great hands working with her. What stood out to us most in our initial conversations with Lisa was her thoughtful, thorough, and overall calming approach to the process. Being newbies to home-buying, we had a great deal to learn…and SO many questions. Lisa is not only incredibly patient, but a wealth of knowledge and a true expert in the field. We were truly in-awe of her willingness to spend so much time with us walking through the fundamentals of home-buying, as well as providing pro-tips for navigating the many nuances involved in each stage to help us feel informed and empowered throughout each step of the process. In addition to helping us fine-tune our search, Lisa took the time to genuinely get to know my husband and I on a personal level to ensure that prior to beginning the search, she had a clear understanding of our wants and needs, both as individuals and as a couple. She recognizes the interpersonal complexities involved in the decision-making process and has a keen understanding of the way her clients’ preferences may change throughout the home-buying journey. With that, she made it a priority to continually check in with us to see how we were feeling and whether any adjustments needed to be made to further refine our search. At the time of escrow, Lisa SHINES. Between her quick thinking, attention to detail, persistence, real estate know-how and exceptional interpersonal skills, Lisa is a powerful force and will go above and beyond to get her clients across the finish line to close escrow. Reflecting back on the start of our search, we could not imagine that we’d come out of the process living in our dream home (a historic, Spanish-style bungalow!) in one of our favorite San Diego neighborhoods. We truly would not be here today without Lisa as our partner and feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her as our real estate agent/life coach/mentor/therapist/friend throughout our home-buying journey. Thank you, Lisa!!!


Lisa is the best realtor I've ever met.

She helped me buy my first multiunit property. She made the process understandable clear and organized. She is always helpful upbeat and insightful and able to answer questions.I highly recommend Lisa Ashkins.

Barbara C.

Lisa is truly a top notch realtor and a joy to work with.

She is incredibly professional, experienced, reliable, well-organized, proactive, knowledgable, and personable. You won't find many high caliber realtors like Lisa. She is extremely hard working and dedicated, and she goes the extra mile for her clients. It is rare to find someone who genuinely values her relationship with her clients and maintains that relationship as Lisa does. She is extremely attentive to detail and puts the special "Lisa touch" on everything. Lisa responded quickly to any questions we had, and she works in your best interest. She is a problem solver and she's highly competent. These are all reasons that makes her stand out above all the rest. Lisa is absolutely amazing and you will see it in her work, actions, and the way she treats her clients. I would highly recommend Lisa Ashkins if you want a smooth process and extremely positive experience. I couldn't recommend her any higher. I tell all my friends about her and look forward to the next time I get to work with her.


Words can't express how happy and thankful we are to Lisa and the support that she gave us throughout our housing search!

Lisa is both knowledgeable about the San Diego real estate market and is a pleasure to work with. She helped us navigate through a crazy housing market, throughout all the ups and downs, and we couldn't be happier with the house that we were able to finally secure in the end! I will 100% refer her to any family, friend, or acquaintance that is looking for a house in the SD market.

Spencer P.

Lisa did such a great job selling my home!

Working with a contractor and designer prior to listing, a few minor improvements were made and some staging changes put the finishing touches on my home to make it even more appealing. She personally met with each realtor and prospective buyers to show the home and be sure they had all the details and positive aspects of the home and neighborhood. She professionally managed all aspects of the process, and the net result was evidenced by a record-breaking sale for my home. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch broker to get the best value for their property!

Chris A.

We were so grateful to work with Lisa through the sale of our investment property.

We were new to selling but she made it easy. She's an experienced and trustworthy agent, I would highly recommend!

Teale E.

Lisa is a great ally and agent that will listen to your needs and do everything possible to get you into your perfect home.

She is attentive to detail and extremely honest, while still bending over backwards to do her best for you. I highly recommend her skills and services.

Kortney N.

Lisa is amazing!

Lisa had to deal with us as first time homebuyers and our waffling and pickiness for almost three years where we had her touring more than forty houses and submitting a few offers. She was patient, on top of her game and a pleasure to work with throughout. She never pressured us and always did the right thing ethically. She has a good network of trustworthy inspectors and contractors to help during the home inspection part which we relied on a few times to help rule out clunkers based on scope and price of necessary repairs and foundation issues. She has a large fan base of people like us she has helped become homeowners. We would highly recommend for her patience and support as a realtor who has done a home gut remodel herself and is always looking out for her clients!

Gregory S.

Looking for a realtor in San Diego, may we recommend Ms.

Lisa Ashkins. Lisa helped us sell our home in downtown SD during the 2020 holiday season. She was a thoughtful guide throughout this process. Through our discussions and her probing questions, she developed an effective marketing plan for our property and served as our advocate throughout the sale. Each sale has something unexpected that challenges a realtor. For each of the challenges we encountered, she identified creative solutions and remained on task until issues were resolved. Finally, Lisa has a wonderful sense of humor and charming personality. Lisa has local experience with the downtown San Diego market, professional connections and innovative ideas to assist you in buying or selling a property. We were very glad we contacted her and you will be too.

Kaye B.

Lisa Ashkins is FABULOUS!

! If you are looking for a realtor who will provide you with 100% of her knowledge and professionalism, Lisa is the one!! She is constantly working for you. Willing to be honest with you (when you need some honest feedback)!! Purchasing a home is stressful, Lisa helps to reduce some of your stress to make the adventure more manageable. We cannot thank Lisa enough for helping us get the new home we had always wanted.

Sarah C.

My wife and I were interested in moving to San Diego several years ago.

We couldn't make moving out here work until we sold our house in Denver. Long story short, it took about three years, but Lisa was with us to help in many ways even before we physically looked at homes here in SD. Lisa was very patient with us before and after we arrived in San Diego. Lisa was able to answer the dozens of questions we had about homes and neighborhoods in general. We found two homes we really liked, and unique situations arose from each one. Each were very tedious situations, but Lisa has the professionalism, patience and knowledge to steer us through it all. Lisa Ashkins is exceptional, both as a Realtor and as an individual.

Joe C.

We had a family friend who we were going to use as our real estate agent (more out of obligation than anything), but there were lots of red flags.

My partner spoke with a co-worker about the problems were were encountering, and the co-worker recommended we speak with Lisa. We are so glad we did. From the very first meeting, we could tell that Lisa is professional, organized, experienced, upbeat and very talented in the field. We fired our family friend (painful but necessary), and immediately hired Lisa to manage the sale of our tiny University Heights cottage and the purchase of a home in Normal Heights. Working with Lisa was the very best part of selling/buying. Our cottage was a tricky stand-alone condo situation with wildly varying comps, and she made all of the right moves to get us exactly what we were hoping to earn from the property. We thought it might take a long time to sell, but she successfully had it in contract with ease. When it came to buying, we were all over the place with what we thought we might want: a larger home in one of several close-in suburbs? A smaller home in a walking neighborhood? A fixer we could customize? An updated flip? We were open to anything, and our "like to have list" was a mile long. Lisa was super patient with us: we dragged her all over the city, and she was always available and friendly about it. But most valuable is her experience: when we fell in love with a bi-level close to Balboa Park, she knew enough NOT to take the listing agent's word about the empty lot next door. She went out of her way to dig up records and discovered that plans had recently been approved to build a huge condo development smack up against the house we wanted to buy. She saved our butts on that one. When we found the perfect home, of course there were multiple offers at play. Lisa stayed on top of everything and ensured that we put in a very strong offer. She made the process easy: she's detailed, timely, and on-target with her communication. I will note that the hugeness of the whole endeavor made my partner difficult to work with at times, and Lisa was totally unfazed: she accommodated my partner with ease. Oh, and another bonus is that Lisa has the most amazing network of professionals for everything related to houses. All of her referrals were excellent. I think if you're looking for a real estate agent, you should meet with her: just like us, after one meeting, you'll know she's the best agent around.

Tania J.

We met Lisa at an open house in Kensington and our first impression was professionalism, friendliness and an honest, down to earth quality I found immediately appealing.

She gave us her card when I told her we were looking for an agent to sell our condo in University Heights and help us find a detached home in a quieter neighborhood. We had already interviewed one agent, but I called her the next day to set up an interview. We knew right away that she was the person with whom we wanted to work. Right from the start, she put her cards on the table about her methods, asked us to fill out a questionnaire about what we were looking for, then discussed the steps we needed to take and the timeline to get things done in order to put our condo on the market. There is always stress involved in selling a house while trying to find your next home; we had bad luck with things suddenly breaking in our condo and a lousy appraiser, but Lisa was unflappable. She never lost her sense of humor, and managed to be both honest and reassuring whenever the light at the end of the tunnel seemed dim. In particular, she went to the mat for us on the appraisal and pointed out the mistakes that were made so that we got a correction. I could have kissed her! Huge relief! I've been telling everyone that she's worth her weight in gold. Now we are happily settled in a house with a yard in a lovely, quiet neighborhood. Exactly what we were hoping to find. Lisa was so generous with her time, and so knowledgeable about the entire process of loans and real estate, it really made the huge endeavor a positive experience. We couldn't have asked for a better agent. Thank you, Lisa!

Kathleen M.

When looking to buy our first home, the first thing we knew was that Lisa was going to be our realtor.

She was highly recommended to us by 7 of our closest friends who had used her to buy and sell their spaces. They were, of course, all right. Lisa was great at taking us through the home buying process. From helping us figure out our must-haves versus what would be nice. To guiding us to make smart offers, referring us to fantastic general and specialty inspectors. Making sure all deadlines were met, negotiating contingencies, and so much more. She kept us level headed through this emotional process, which for a person like me, was huge. Thank you, Lisa, for helping us find and get into our dream home.

Terri W.

My husband and I met Lisa by chance when we walked through an open house in our neighborhood of University Heights 4 years ago.

We were in the beginning stages of our hunt for a condo and were complete novices in the home buying department and weren't even sure we were ready to purchase. Lisa was easygoing and informative and never once pushed us to move forward on our search. She said she's be ready to help when we were ready and a few weeks later when we were ready to set up a search she walked us through it with ease. 6 months later she helped us purchase a 2 bedroom condo in University Heights that we absolutely loved for 3 years. Last year after we found out we were expecting we knew it was time to look for something bigger and without a moment of hesitation we called Lisa. She helped us purchase a home in Allied Gardens to raise our family and we couldn't be happier. She was honest with us all along the way which we greatly appreciated especially when we were determining whether or not to sell our condo (we kept it and rented it our). Lisa is genuine and caring and has her clients best interest at heart. There wasn't a doubt in our mind to call her back after our initial run in with her at a local open house and we'll most certainly use her again if we ever move or sell! Lisa is hands down a unique one of a kind real estate agent and we are so luck to have found her!

Sarah M.

Simply the best!

We had such a long process looking for a house, in part because we were picky and also because of bad luck. But Lisa was there every step of the way for 6 intense months of searching until we finally found a wonderful house. We could not have done it without her--her extensive expertise, knowledge and energy were invaluable. She is also well versed in housing, construction and design, all of which helped guide us in the search for our first house. Thank you Lisa!!


My wife and I felt an immediate connection with Lisa when we were first shopping for a new home in 2011.

Lisa helped guide us through all the ins and outs of the purchase, and it was a very successful outcome. There was never a doubt that we would only want to work with her again the next time we had a need, which came in 2016 when we were selling the same house to relocate for work. Simply put, we could not have done it without her. For various reasons (travel and work commitments) we were in a time constraint for getting the house ready for sale and moved out. Lisa stepped up and was there the whole way, sorting out all manner of details along the way for us. Things that I would never have thought an agent would sign up for, Lisa was there to make sure things were handled. No aspect was too small for her to deal with. From the level of communications throughout the staging, listing, showing and negotiations with the buyer Lisa dealt with everything in such a way that gave us complete peace of mind. Another successful outcome! Thank you Lisa!!

Jaime M.

Lisa made the home buying experience relatively painless.

When I bought my house it was a buyer's market and there were quite a few disappointments along the way, but Lisa was very patient and as a result helped me to relax. In the end, I found the house that I was meant to buy. Throughout the process, Lisa was professional and beyond proficient in helping me navigate my way from search to signing. I recommend her to all my friends and family looking to buy in San Diego. She is simply the best!

Julia D.

Lisa is simply the best.

She is a strong and compassionate advocate for her clients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend he to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell a home. I'm so glad we chose to work with Lisa for our first home-buying experience because she helped make it easy and as pain-free as possible. I appreciate her honesty and knowledge. I promise you won't go wrong with Lisa Ashkins on your side.

Rachel M.

There is a reason Lisa Ashkins has a 5 star rating - Because she is Awesome!

We recently had Lisa help us with a sale of our property and the purchase of a new property. Normally this would be a stressful time; but Lisa took care of everything for us and made the process so smooth. Lisa has us as clients for life. It is beyond impressive the amount of hard work, research, networking, and knowledge she puts into working with every client. I cannot recommend Lisa enough. She will consult with you every step of the way and always makes sure the process is done right and with every detail taken care of.

Brandon M.

I would have used 6 or 7 stars if it were possible.

Lisa helped me and my wife buying a couple of great condos and she helped us selling one of them for great profit. Three things I like the most about her: 1) she has great knowledge of the market and she will always be very honest about what you can get. That's professionalism and integrity 2) she is ALWAYS available, not just during the day but also evenings and weekends 3) she doesn't just know the process, but she makes sure you understand every step of the way and that you know what's going to happen next. It's like being trained to be a real estate agent as well. I definitely recommend!

Luca M.

Lisa is such a fantastic agent.

The three things that I most appreciated about her during our condo hunt were her timely responses, her guidance backed by years of experience, and her sense of humor. Lisa kept in very close contact with us throughout the entire process, and was especially quick to respond anytime we specifically needed her input. She is one of the hardest working, and most professional people I've met - and that's across all industries - not just real estate. Lisa brings a lot of great experience working in San Diego to the table. She knows and understands the subtleties of various neighborhoods. And, she is an especially good guide when it comes to putting offers together, which can be quite nerve-wracking in this competitive market. My husband and I also had a lot of fun working with Lisa. You can tell she truly loves what she's doing because she has so much fun, and has such a great sense of humor and perspective about the buying and selling experience. Overall, Lisa is a pleasure to work with, and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Brenda E.

We worked with Lisa to sell our UTC condo and purchase a Mira Mesa house, after being referred by family and friends.

We appreciate Lisa's patience with us as we went through several months of discussion and consultation before actually being able to list the condo... she was always willing to answer a question or meet up in anticipation of listing. When the time came to make the sale, she was extremely knowledgeable and had great intuition about comps, prices and strategies for making the most out of our situation. She referred us to a great network of additional support with home inspections, etc. We'd definitely recommend Lisa to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Jillybomb T.

Lisa Ashkins is extremely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, and a good negotiator.

She kept me informed every step of the way, paid attention to details, and made sure the process went smoothly. Lisa responded quickly to my questions and guided me on what needed to be done to get my San Diego property listed, including having a network of professionals to recommend. She is friendly, unflappable, honest, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. Lisa’s experience and support made selling my home a positive experience. I highly recommend Lisa Ashkins as your realtor.

JoAnn K.

Great home buying experience with Lisa.

She took the time to meet with us before actively searching to really understand what we wanted. The automated searches were very useful and helped reduce our driving around when investigating potential matches. We found a few places to look at and she was extremely flexible with her schedule for showing. Once we found a great property she went into high gear and made the offer process simple. End result = we got the house! We were able close in 21 days and are now enjoying our new home. Thank you Lisa!

Blaine Z.

Lisa Ashkins is the consummate professional realtor/broker; she has depth of experience, market savvy and attention to detail which any seller or buyer needs.

When working with Lisa you can expect feedback and insights to help you understand your options at various stages of the process. Because Lisa is experienced--and has worked all over San Diego County--you can expect her to due her homework on your particular property and neighborhood, so you can be assured she's on top of your market conditions. Lisa has resources on her team such as great photographers and suggests ways to stage your property to present it in the best way possible. Lisa responds in a timely manner and never seems to be overwhelmed by the multiple priorities she juggles. She's hands-on every step of the way and really enjoys her work, keeping a positive attitude while staying even-keeled during any challenging moments, which always seem to come up in any real estate transaction. We highly recommend Lisa; whether you are a buyer or a seller she will advocate for you and help you get to the finish line.


I am about to close my 3rd escrow working with Lisa, and I'd give her 10 stars if that was possible.

So here's 10 stars: *1. Informative & knowledgeable. She knows the business, the process, the neighborhoods, and the market - and can explain it to you in layman's terms. *2. Friendly - she's easy to talk to and work with. *3. Organized - she keeps track of everything. If you can't find it, she can. *4. Scheduling - she tells you what needs to be done next and makes sure it get scheduled and handled. *5. Available - she takes your calls or returns them almost immediately. *6. Reminders - she reminds you where you need to be when. *7. Referrals - she can give you a list of specialists in any field (mortgage, inspectors, locksmiths,...) with whom she or her clients have worked and had positive experiences. *8. Moral support - she'll listen to your concerns/panics/frustrations/etc. and help you figure them out. (FYI -These have to be dealt with and they could be deal-breakers!) *9. Time - you never feel like you're intruding on her time. She'll make time for you. *10. Understanding - having worked with her multiple times, she knows my story and checks in with it often. She'll do the same for you if you let her!

Jan N.

Lisa is a awesome realtor!

Several years ago she helped me and my ex with our short sale while we were in the middle of a divorce. She was very professional and her and her team managed the whole process. It gave me great piece of mind considering everything else I was going through at the time. I have recommended Lisa to several of my friends who have also had really positive experiences. I recently worked with her again to purchase another home and was equally impressed with Lisa's guidance and support throughout the home buying process. We found an awesome house within our budget and her and her team helped us close in record time - 23 days! I really appreciate Lisa's commitment to her clients and her willingness to go the extra mile to support her customers. If you work with Lisa you won't be disappointed!

Ashley B.

We knew exactly what we wanted.

We gave Lisa our parameters and she found a number of outstanding homes to visit. Somehow, during our visits, she was able to recognize what WE REALLY WANTED and she added a home to our list to view and we bought it! It's not exactly what we asked for but, more importantly, it's the perfect home for us. That's what a realtor should do and we are grateful that Lisa is our realtor!

Chris N.

Working with Lisa was a pleasure!

She was very thorough and provided us with resources to help make informed decisions. We appreciated her transparency and suggestions during the home search and escrow process. She always made herself available and we never felt like we had to wait in line to speak to her. She was open and supportive throughout the process, telling us what to expect in the process from day one. Any time we had questions, she gave time and space to discuss our concerns and needs. When we started this process, I was not sure how to find a good realtor and was not sure if I should trust the reviews I read online. I assure you, the reviews are true. She's definitely as great as the reviews say!

Ingrid V.

I was a first time home buyer and Lisa was so easy to work with and was very knowledgeable about the market.

She was very accommodating to my busy work schedule for showings and helped me understand every step. Lisa was responsive to any questions or concerns I had. She is a great person to know, and I am glad to have found a friend in her as well. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. I will be keeping my business with her in the future. I am very happy with my first starter home.

Christine K.

Lisa in an excellent real estate agent.

Extremely thorough and supportive throughout the entire buying and selling process. We bought our condo as first time home buyers 7 years ago and then this year in a whirlwind of less than 30 days bought a home and sold our condo for above list price. I've recommended her to multiple friends and will continue to do so!

Alissa N.

Lisa Ashkins is by far THE best Broker-realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with on our condo sale in San Diego.

When she uses the phrase "above and beyond" it is more than a catchy phrase but for Lisa it is a full- fledged 110% commitment to serve her clients with exceptional customer service, responsiveness, care, advocacy and collaboration. Seriously, for anyone reading this recommendation I can say after 40 years of property ownership she is among the very best.


Lisa is amazing!

As a first time home buyer, I was so glad she was able to guide me though a very competitive market and help me find the perfect home. She responded to my questions and requests for tours immediately. Due to her extensive experience, she was able give me wonderful guidance and advice. I couldn't have done it without her! I highly recommend Lisa for any real estate needs.


Look no further, you have found the BEST!

I reached out to Lisa in September of 2016 mentioning my initial interest in buying a home. She got back to me right away and set up a time to meet to discuss topics such as price range, locations, and must-have's/can't stand's for my future home. Once we met, Lisa captured my criteria and set up two condo searches based on my preferences: a 1BD/1BA downtown San Diego with lower HOAs, and one for 2BD/2BA in San Diego proper. Lisa made great suggestions on neighborhoods that I would not have even thought to consider when beginning my search. She suggested La Mesa and Clairemont as possibilities. I almost nixed those areas--so glad I didn't! Lisa was incredible about responding right away on everything. Open houses, making offers, vendor inquiries, escrow schedules, you name it. Lisa even sent me documents/disclosures while she was on vacation--talk about dedicated! I truly appreciated how much Lisa made herself available for everything going on, from making an offer through closing. If you have never purchased your own home, it is extremely fast-paced. Time is of the essence in this market and could be very stressful if you didn't have Lisa as your agent! A 2 BD/2BA townhome-style condo popped up in Clairemont in a complex I quickly became very interested in (again, very glad I didn't nix Lisa's suggestion on Clairemont!). The condo was on the market for a total of 5 days and had 7 offers made on it. Lisa moved heaven and earth to make my offer be the one the buyers accepted, and it worked! When I met the listing agent during the inspection/appraisal, even he mentioned how hard she pulled for me. I was very impressed and humbled! Need an incredible loan agent to make sure you're pre-approved before looking at homes? Ask Lisa. Need an inspector to fulfill your contingency? Ask Lisa. Need your locks changed after Escrow closes? Ask Lisa. How about a new paint job? Ask Lisa! Not only does Lisa know the best vendors for literally any thing you might need, but she also has excellent rapport with all of them. They ALL spoke so highly of her. This made closing a walk in the park. Lisa was there for my final walkthrough and I am so glad she was. Although nothing needed to be changed or repaired before move-in, she paid such close attention to detail on things that I would have definitely missed (simply because I was so giddy about buying my first home). After Escrow closed, Lisa was still there to make sure everything went smoothly. She even followed up with the listing agency to make sure the lockbox was removed from my front door. Additionally, there are a ton of random pieces of mail that start to arrive right after you buy--Lisa has been truly great with all of my questions on what's important versus what mail I can just toss into the recycle. I began my search in September 2016 and was moved into my first home by December 2016. I truly could not be happier! Lisa Ashkins is a real go-getter and someone you definitely want in your corner. She is extremely knowledgeable, energetic, hilarious, and wants nothing more than to make you happy. I couldn't suggest anyone better for buying/selling your next home. Yelp only goes to 5, but I'm giving her 10 stars! Thank you so much Lisa, for everything!

Meggie P.

We interviewed many recommended realtors, but Lisa beat them all out.

She is organized, prompt, honest, and has that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes going to look at houses with her feel like you are working with a friend. She is extremely knowledgable of the entire real estate process - from loans to home inspections - and expediently answered our many questions through email and phone call. Navigating the home buying process in the time of COVID-19 was a unique experience to say the least - Lisa took everything in stride, remaining patient and diligent despite an extremely competitive market. She made sure to lay out the right order of operations from the get go to ensure we were set up for success. Lisa was always available to answer our questions, and kept detailed and organized documentation throughout our house search and escrow. She was a true advocate for our needs, and I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone who is in need of a realtor.

Jaime C.

My wife and I have purchased two homes in highly competitive areas of San Diego with Lisa's help and guidance.

We could not speak more highly of an individual. Lisa is a true professional who is dedicated to her clients needs.

Dak R.

Lisa is an extraordinary Realtor.

Professional, responsive and on point execution. I would gladly work with her again. Thank you Lisa!

Kory K.

Sadly, we had to sell the house Lisa helped us buy a few years ago.

Once again, she came through in helping us when we needed it. We had a very difficult buyer. Lisa used her expertise to seal the deal in the most expeditious way possible. Can't recommend Lisa Ashkins enough.

Joe C.

We are so grateful to have Lisa on our team.

My husband and I have always been so impressed by her knowledge, attention to detail, personal interaction, and overall ability to meet our needs---no matter how large or small. She is a true gem!!! We have always felt taken care care of. We recently bought our second home with her help. With a baby on the way, she understood the challenges we faced with both selling and purchasing a new home before our baby's arrival. Her efforts always put our minds at ease since we know we are in such highly capable hands. We feel like we not only found a great real estate agent, but a friend as well. Thanks, Lisa!!!

Michelle P.

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